Don-E - The Rarest of Grooves

Don-E is once again spreading his love, by the means of his musical genius.  It’s only a year ago he released the album “Little Star” which found itself No1 in the RnB charts, for three weeks and now he’s released a second album, within a year (Future Rare Grooves), which has got us nodding our heads to some familiar Rare Groove beats, on top of some well-crafted lyrics.


The album has already hit the top ten in the UK Soul charts and is causing a storm in clubs, with request from ravers to rewind the music.  Don-E says, “the initial thought of the album came together while he was relaxing, listening to some rare groove music (as you do), then that light bulb moment came, taking the idea into his music lab, reprograming drums, adding fresh lyrics over the tack and adding a West Indian two-step bass line, the track “Feeling You” was born”.

Another track on the album is “The Big People Tings” (featuring Natash Watts) which has set the Clubs on fire and being regularly played on the radio air waves, the track is a combination of Don-e and Natash who have crafted some intermit lyrics and an alluring sound that can get anyone’s imagination going!    Like a good wine this album is great to share with your partner, with a group of friends or in your own space, with or without headphone’s on.  Don-E has produced an album in his musical lab, taking the grooves and beats from the days gone by and adding his own interpretation on it, giving you a 21st Century album, embracing all that’s good in RnB, Soul and the rarest of Grooves.

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